The Infernal Staff


With all the productions of Dante's Inferno it is quite logical to think about producing merchandise that is part of the productions themselves. So, thanks to Cafe Press, Inc, we thought it was easy to give it a try and so we did.

In 2004, a new line of clothing and accessories was born online - The Divine Comedy store.

Back then, we used several of Gustave Dore illustrations, since they are in public domain, along with a few we had created, particularly the poster for the live action feature film of Dante's Inferno.


There is much more to say but we have to pause because of the big attempt of stealing our Dante's Inferno properties in so many ways. So, after the storm passes we'll be glad to come back to this page and share with you more of what's in our table for the rest of the world.

More to come soon!


We Salute You Dante Alighieri!