Infernal Games

The idea of producing a video game as well as all sorts of games based on Dante's Inferno story came about long ago, during the development period of the live action film of the same name.

In 2007 producer Boris Acosta met with the two largest video game developers in the world, one of which agreed on producing Dante's Inferno video game with him, as well as its sequels Purgatorio and Paradiso.

However, this company decided to go solo without saying a word to Mr. Acosta. Seven months in February 2008, after their agreement, this same company filed a request for the trademark of Dante's Inferno name. Yes, some things are hard to believe, but there is nothing like the cold truth. What's even more sad is that the video game of Dante's Inferno is so badly produced, by this company, that the story is a complete farse. Their game portrays Dante as a warrior that went to Hell to save Beatrice's soul who had been murdered in life and her soul sequestered by Lucifer. Well, Dante was NOT a warrior in arms, but a pilgrim of the afterlife on a divine mission to learn all about it and then come back to tell us what it is like. Furthermore, Beatrice was not murdered, in real life, instead she passed away of sickness in bed at the age of 24. In the afterlife, Dante presents Beatrice in his poem as an angelic representation of God. The only time she was in Hell was quite briefly, when she went down to Limbo to give Virgil the mission to protect and guide Dante through Hell and Purgatory. In addition, Beatrice was Dante's own guide in Paradise. Also, Lucifer never had any contact whatsoever with Beatrice nor confronted Dante in the story he wrote.

So, the idea of producing a Dante's Inferno video game and other types of games that pay homage to Dante's story instead of distorting it, is alive and well.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!