Infernal Comic Magazine Series


While in the process of planning Dante's Hell Documentaries, we felt the need of having more visual material than the one everybody knows, and sometimes not well interpreted. So, Dante's Hell comic magazine was an idea which was born early in 2007, after producer Boris Acosta met Avetik Balaian, who asked for a chance in the development of Dante's Hell magazine series.

Therefore, in 2007 Boris Acosta presented his vision of the magazine series to Avetik Balaian, and both started working together. They agreed on something crucial, that Dante's Divine Comedy must be ketp to Dante's own vision and that the changes will only be made on the vocabulary to make easier for children to understand Dante's poem.

A website, then, was born to explain the process and to later market the magazine series, . Boris Acosta and Avetik Balaian continued working on the project, after they stopped for a while to produce a book of images, which was important for the documentaries, and later the animation films. Then, we learnt that this company based in San Francisco was stealing the idea of producing their own Dante's Inferno series of magazines, so we decided not to update the comic magazines website with the new images. The website is currently as it was created in 2007 and updated later during the same year and part of 2008.

It is a long process to adapt a classic while respecting the story itself as much as possible. However, this can only be accomplished by true artists that respect other artists' works instead of producing false stories and false adaptations for pure greed.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!