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Welcome to Dante's Inferno Official website! The official website of Dante's Inferno came about due to some confusion in several industries as to "who is who" in the real development of major productions based on the true story of Dante Alighieri's masterpiece trilogy - The Divine Comedy.

The concept of making films and other productions based on Dante's Divine comedy was born in 2001, when producer Boris Acosta was inspired to pursue a live action film of Dante's Inferno and its sequels Purgatorio and Paradiso. At the time, the research began as to what had been done in the film industry, and how well (or bad) the adaptation of this great masterpiece was. To his surprise the only well made adaptation of Dante's Inferno was produced in 1911 as the first Italian feature film in history. Obviously, it was a silent film, but the imagination and vision of L'Inferno team to bring Dante's work to the screen the way he wrote, is still commemorable today and the version to beat. This precious film has been restored and digitized by several companies and organizations, including ours. L'Inferno (1911) is now available in DVD and clips from it are featured in our documentaries.

The road to write Dante's Inferno script was a long one and tedious work that Dino Di Durante took to his heart, so much that it has been rewritten 16 times and has taken a few years to develop. The script was embraced from the start by director Armand Mastroianni when he read the 15th version of it and later listened to the last version read by several actors. A couple of table reads took place as well as a casting audition the second time around in Los Angeles.

In 2007 producer Boris Acosta presented his vision of making movies, magazines, books, merchandise and games of all kinds, among other things, to a major corporation based in San Francisco. They agreed to develope the video game with him. However, the deception started there, and it followed to take over Mr. Acosta's vision to bring about Dante's Divine Comedy to every possible corner in the world. The difference has been that Mr. Acosta's vision of doing it the way Dante wrote the poem has not been possibly challenged to date by anyone.

In this website you'll be able to learn about most productions under way or completed, not just films, but also books, magazines, games, and more.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!