Infernal Books

In 2003 we offered a version of Dante's Inferno online as an ebook, something nobody had done at the time. Ebooks was something too futuristic for the majority of readers worldwide. It was not until recently, with dedicated computers such ebook readers, tablets and smart cell phones that the popularity of ebooks have become a reality.

In 2005, we offered a new version of Dante's Inferno, this time for the cellular phones. Again, it was too futuristic back then and it was not embraced until the Iphone came to the market and many starting offering many types of applications for them, and later android smart phones.

In 2006, we offered another version of Dante's Inferno, now as an audio book in Spanish and English.

In early 2007 during the production of Dante's Inferno magazine series, the idea of producing a book of images was necessary because several films needed the proper epic visual to tell the story in pictures properly. So, Dino Di Durante along with the guide of Dantologist Riccardo Pratesi and the help of Avetik Balaian, decided to move on in a new direction thinking of the larger future rather than the imminent present.

In 2008 they started the new vision of Hell from start to finish working hard to the point that some of the illustrations have more than 100 versions, and none less than 50 versions. It was not only that the vision of Hell was changing with time as they walked along by Dante's hand through Hell, but also that their technique grew with the art itself.

In 2015, the art collection was finished with 72 paintings that belong strictly in Inferno - The Art Collection book and not in the proposed magazine, although they will be used later on.

So, it is safe to say that Inferno - The Art Collection book of paintings stands on its own and it is worth considering its purchase. This full color book has been published in full and vibrant colors, printed in 8"x11" size and in 33languages. The book can be acquired on Amazon, click here to see the languages in which it is available in.

The 72-piece art collection will also be part of Dante's Hell texts in many languages, although the images will be in black and white to make the books cheaper to give an easy access to students. These versions will be published later in 2016.

This 72-piece art collection can be partially be seen here at the official online store.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!