Infernal Minds

In 2008, producer Boris Acosta accomplished an almost impossible task, that of getting Dante Alighieri's official exile from Florence pardoned. After more than 700 years of Dante Alighieri being exiled, Florence's doors were finally opened to welcome his grand return. Boris Acosta's next step will be to have Dante's remains to be sent from Ravenna to Florence for Dante to finally rest in peace in his beloved city, as it was his final wish stated on Canto 25 of Paradise. Dante Alighieri is presently considered the best poet of all time.

Producer Boris Acosta's vision to bring Dante's Divine Comedy to every possible home in the world is alive and growing. He started working on several productions in 2001, first with his impulse to make a live action trilogy film of Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Then, he realized that it would be wiser to start smaller, since so many productions of this story have been lame and have left much to be desired.

Producing such a huge endeavour demands not just the vision of one person but the talent and experience of many. Since 2001 the number and class of professionals getting on board of this humangus project has been staggering.

Just to mention a few:

Director Armand Mastroianni - The Celestine Prophecy, He Knows You Are Alone (Tom Hanks), etc.

Oscar winner Editor Thom Noble - Witness, Thelma and Louise, The Mask of Zorro, etc.

Oscar winner Production Designer Dan Hennah – The Hobby trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, etc.

First Assistant Director Sergio Ercolessi - The Passion of the Christ, Rome, Cassanova.

Art Director Tamara Marini - The Merchant of Venice (Al Pacino), Callas Forever, etc.

Line Producer and Production Manager Bridget Bourke - The Lord of the Rings trilogy.Master and Commander, etc.

Special Effects Supervisor: Kevin Pike - Star Trek, Jurassic Park, The Flintstones.

And the list goes on and on. Please visit other websites listed in other pages here to learn more about everybody that is or has been involved in seriously adapting Dante Alighieri's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, in several forms.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!