Infernal Films

In 2007, with the production of Inferno - The Art Collection, now a book of paintings, producer/director Boris Acosta investigated the possibility of using the original epic paintings in motion. In other words, to animate each paint into clips that when put together they would make an animation film.

So, after investigating the possible options, technologically speaking, it was clear that the idea of making a film out of images could be put to work. Therefore, the test began using Adobe After Effects, particularly after seing a great demonstration at NAB in Las Vegas, of how powerful this software was to be able to move on with the production of an animation based on Dante's Inferno. So, the animation was completed late in 2014 narrated in English. Later on, the Italian version, recited in primitive Italian with English subtitles was finalized in November, 2015. Visit the official animation website by clicking on the title name: Dante's Hell Animated.

Concurrently with the animation production there were two documentaries in production and also the constant pursue of producing the live action film.

Using the paintings from Inferno - The Art Collection book, excerpts from L'Inferno 1911 film and some clips from the Dante's Hell Animated, an almost two-hour feature documentary started production with rich imagery. Several artists from both Italy and the United States joined producer/director Boris Acosta to make a film that was never produced before. Not just Dante's Inferno, but also its sequels Purgatory by Dante and Paradise by Dante which have been filmed concurrently. Visit the feature Infernal documentary website by clicking on the title name: Dante's Hell .

Because there was so much footage and so much good material, producer Boris Acosta decided to make a black and white short film to pay homage to Gustave Dore, by using exclusively his black and white lithographs of Dante's Inferno made 150 years ago, and some of the very best illustrations ever to visually adapt Dante's whole Divine Comedy. Visit the short documentary official website by clicking on the title name: Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope .

The sequels Dante's Purgatory Documented and Dante's Paradise Documented will be finished during 2013 and released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Yes, it takes a long time to produce great films and we will not sell for less.

The live action feature film trilogy, which started development in 2001, is expected to start pre-production this year and production the following year to hopefully release them after the documentary trilogy is available to the general public.

We Salute You Dante Alighieri!